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Latest News

Pukekawa School 125 Years 7 March 2019-

Meeting Monday 1 April, 7 pm, in the Staffroom

Pukekawa School will be 125 years old next year. We are holding an initial meeting to chat about how the community want to celebrate this milestone in our history.

Open to anyone who is keen to be a part of the celebration. If want to be involved but aren’t able to ... Read more »

Stationery for 2019 6 December 2018-

We streamlined our stationery purchasing for 2018 to save time, to ensure less confusion, to maintain consistency with stationery items and ensure students had the correct books for the subjects.

This will continue for 2019. The stationery will be supplied as one pack per child at a set cost. If your child does have stationery items left over from 2018, they can ... Read more »

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