Our Classes ... Kiwi (Year 1)

Term 2

End of term already! Since the beginning of the year the Kiwi Class have been counting the days on the calendar.   At the end of this term we celebrated the number 100.  We nearly did 100 days of school.   There has been lots and lots of counting!

At our 100 Day Party, 100 balloons fell on the Kiwi’s —- such fun!

What a busy term!    We have been learning about playing hockey.

Milly:  I am looking after the goal because I don’t want the other team to get a goal.

August:  I am trying to get the ball.

Ella: I am running to the ball.

Raana:  I am playing with the ball.

Thomas:  I am trying to get the ball.

Scarlett: I am looking at the ball.

Anastasia: I am trying to get the ball.

Travis: I am trying to get the ball.


The Kiwi Class are just about to move into a study about New Zealand and Matariki.  We have begun looking at a New Zealand author – Joy Cowley and her illustrator Robyn Belton.    She has written a series of books about Greedy Cat – based on her own cat.  The children have done some lovely pictures showing ‘looking eyes’ – by placing the black pupil part of the eye in different places., within the eye.

Can you see what the cats are looking at?

Where are the fish looking?

They have also been experimenting with clay and have made some Greedy Cat models.


We continued our study about the Rocky Shore and what lives in the sea into Term 2 with a trip to Kelly Tarltons.

Term 1 

During Term 1, as part of a study on the Rocky Shore we had a wonderful trip to Sunset Beach Port Waikato.   Lots and lots of parents and caregivers came with us….this made it much safer for everyone, especially climbing on the rocks.  We hunted and hunted in nearly every rock pool.  The children were very good at finding crabs, mussels, some very hard to see shrimps, as well as quiet an assortment of other creatures and shellfish.