Pukekawa School joined the Enviroschools programme in 2012, gained a Bronze reflection in 2014, and a Silver reflection in 2018.

The aim of Enviroschools is to foster a generation of people who instinctively think and act sustainably.

At Pukekawa School our Enviro Team is made up of Enviro Leaders and Eco Warriors, and is led by Mrs Virginia Craig (Kiwi class teacher) and Mrs Vicki Kemp.

We recycle tins, glass, paper, plastic, soft plastic, and food scraps. To minimise waste at school and rubbish in our school environment we have developed a Pack it in, Pack it out policy, which means that any food packaging rubbish that comes in school lunch boxes goes home again.

Around the school, we have vegetable gardens, a flower garden, a worm farm, compost, fruit trees, a path through native area, greenies awards (for being enviro friendly or caring) and we are working on our mosaic path.

Each teacher / class is  responsible for one area around the school.  This means that by the time a student has completed six years at Pukekawa School they have had teaching and learning about all the different areas of our school environment (such as worms/compost, native area, flowers, growing food, and mini beasts/bugs).