News ... Stationery for 2018

21 November 2017

We have streamlined our stationery purchasing for 2018 to save time,  minimise confusion, maintain
consistency with stationery items, and ensure students have the correct books for the subjects.

The stationery will be supplied as one pack per child at a set cost. If your child does have stationery items left
over from 2017, they can use these at home.

The school is able to purchase supplies at a reasonable cost and very little margin is added. This means our
packs would not be more expensive than local stationery outlets.

Your child was given a notice with their stationery costs for 2018 on Monday 20 November, please get in touch with the office if you haven’t received it.

If you choose to pay for your stationery this year, it can be issued on day one of the new term.