News ... Our School Leaders

20 February 2017

Responsibilities allow our students to practice and develop personal attributes, values and competencies in an authentic setting.

Allow us to introduce out school leaders for 2017.

Our Whanau Leaders play an integral role in school organisation and harmony. We rely on them to fulfill their tasks conscientiously, to be reliable and to be positive role models for our younger pupils. Whanau leaders are chosen by Year 3,4,5,6 student and staff votes.

Congratulations to the following students

Rimu: Caitlin Hull and Sean Thomas

Kauri: Tahlia Mueller and Chris Ampleford

Kowhai: Brooke Thomas and Ross Anderson

Rata: Anita van Velthuizen and Whaitiri Preston


ENVIRO Co-Ordinator – yet to be decided

PEER MEDIATOR– Co-Ordinator – Kyle Webster

TECHNICAL EXPERTS– Corban Bishop and Isaac Moores

SPORTS Co-Ordinators– Luke Anderson and Troy Tuapawa

Librarian– Lily McInnarney and Katie Readings

We are very proud of you all.