News ... Making a Plan for Student Learning

14 February 2018

Thursday February 22nd

The purpose of these early interviews is

  • To share assessment data / early observations about your child(ren)’s achievement
  • For teachers / parents to discuss appropriate learning / behavioural / goals for our child(ren).
  • To clarify aspects of the class programmes / homework expectations.
  • For teachers to become aware of family / health factors which may influence learning.

As we want students to be more actively involved in and develop responsibility for their learning,
they are invited to attend these interviews. Parents may choose whether to bring their child to the
interview or not.

Students from the Piwakawaka Hub will be supervised in the afternoon by the Principal and teacher
aides. As these classes are larger than the Junior rooms, their interviews will start at 1-00 pm.
Tui, Kiwi and Pukeko interviews will start at 2-45 pm, after the buses have gone.