At Pukekawa School we are proud to have a focus on science in all our year levels.

In 2014, one of our teachers, Mrs Jaydene Cargill, spent six months on a Science Teaching Leadership Programme. This programme provides opportunities for primary schools and their teachers to enhance the teaching of science within school communities.

The programme focuses on developing science leaders, and the school must make a commitment to make science learning and professional development a priority.

Since taking part in the programme, Mrs Cargill has worked with our teachers to incorporate more science within our classrooms.

Some of the ways we do this are:

  • Making sure that each year one of the themes our children study is science based.
  • We have a week of science. Each teacher sets up a science experiment, and in whanau groups the children rotate around each teacher and take part in five different science experiments.
  • We work with the children to learn skills and ways of thinking, like scientists, that they can use across all curriculum areas.
  • We hold a ‘Taste of Science’ evening. Parents are invited to come and have a go at some of the experiments their children do, so they can see the skills and thinking the children are being encouraged to learn.