Our Classes ... Tui (Year 3)

Welcome to the Tui class page!

We are a Year 2/3 class and our teacher is Mrs Linda Gowdy.

We work hard and have fun!  We love to do science experiments!!


Term 3 and 4

Christmas is nearly up on us, it’s been a busy and fun year!!!!!  In the last couple of weeks the Tui students have had a week of Aladdin, which included our school production.  Students have worked really hard on their roles and our class Aladdin song “A Friend like Me”.  They absolutely rocked on product nights, I was very proud of them 🙂


This week (week 8) we have been having a week of science, students have created a science folder with all their science work and all the science experiments we have done in class this week.  These are very simple but fun, and students could do these during the school holidays using house hold ingredients if they were bored.


Term 3 and 4 also saw the Tui class doing school activities including

-The gumboot throw day

-Cross Country

-Ze Bong

-The Hamilton Zoo trip

-Road Safety Show

-Dog Safety Talk

and of course our annual Calf Club which was a hugely successful and fun day.  The Tui students created some amazing art, these included the Gumboot Mural Art, Stain Glass Window Art and Wind-spinner Scratch Art, the students also created a beautiful floral arrangements made from road side weeds in an unusual container and a fruit / vege animal.


Term 2

This term has started of busy with our trip to Kelly Tarlton’s which is part of our on going Rocky Shore topic. from Term 1.  Students are learning how to compare the natural environment to man-made environments, and how people can help keep our oceans clean.

Kelly Tarlton’s Trip


Well done to all Tui students for participating in the poetry recitals, all the students did very well 🙂


Up coming events in Term 2

  • 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th June – Hockey lessons
  • 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th June – Matariki Whanau rotations
  • Tuesday the 18th of June – Trip to our local mountain for Matariki.  We will be going with the Hub and are looking for parents to help
  • 5th July – End of term2




Term One:

Wow Term 1 was a busy one full of new learning and fun.  The learning discussions went well with goals set for each student.  Thank you for all the parents coming in to discuss their child’s ambitions and needs with me.  Students enjoyed the Junior swim display and school triathlon and our Junior trip to Port Waikato was a success with the students taking lots of learning away with them.

Students learnt about the learning pit through Merton the Mudskipper and they created a wonderful display explaining what this meant to them, which can be found in the corridor outside the Tui room.

We finished the term of with our share the learning and our community assembly, the Tui’s worked hard at learning our learning song and they did really well singing it at the assembly.

The Tui’s worked hard all term and were rewarded with their icecream sundae party on the last day of term 🙂  We’re looking forward to hitting term 2 with a bang!!!!!


School Triathlon


First Aid Training for our Tui students



Our junior Port Waikato Trip 

Please remember students in the Tui Room need to bring:

  • spelling notebook EVERYDAY
  • book bag EVERYDAY
  • library books by Friday each week
  • homework on DUE DATE
  • smile EVERYDAY


Mrs Gowdy