Our Classes ... Kiwi (Year 1)

Welcome to the Kiwi class page!

We are a Year 1 class and our teacher is Mrs Virginia Craig.

At the moment Kiwi class are situated in the school library.   How wonderful to be surrounded by so many books!

Term 1 has been busy.  The children have taken on the task of  being the Edible Garden Enviro Team.  We are called the ‘Eats and Treats Team’.    We began the year by giving away to schools across the Waikato and Auckland some of our Everlasting Daisy seeds from the beautiful flowers that we grew last year.

Since then we have harvested potatoes and cooked them in different ways, this was fun.

We have also increased the size of our school strawberry garden.  The children had to divide the strawberry plants and re-plant them into the enlarged garden.

A trip the the Auckland Botanical Gardens  helped reinforce our class programme wonderfully.

At the moment children are working out what they would like to grow at school, as well as tasting some produce that already exists in our school grounds.  This week they made rhubbarb and tamarillo crumble – very nice!

Because we are The Eats and Treat Enviro Team during the last week of Term 1 we made tamarillo and feijoa smoothies for the Pukeko Class.  Next term we will make a treat for another classroom.

Bottle tops

As a school we are collecting plastic bottle tops so the children can make an artwork to adorn a wall of the school.  We are hoping for lots and lots of bottle tops.  The Kiwi Class sort these out and make sure that they are clean and not smelly!!

Please keep on sending lots and lots of these to school.  Thank you very much for helping the entire school with this project.

Mosaic Pathway

This term the Kiwi Class made their mosaic tile that will be put into the pathway during the Easter Holidays.  What a big job – but it looks wonderful  –  well done Kiwis.

Bagging seeds so we could send them to other schools.

Harvesting potatoes from the school garden.

Scrubbing potatoes before we cooked them.

Pulling the strawberry plants apart so that we had lots of strawberry plants!

Making sure bottle tops are clean and not smelly!

We have finally finished our mosaic that will be put into the school path .