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Term 2

End of term already! Since the beginning of the year the Kiwi Class have been counting the days on the calendar.   At the end of this term we celebrated the number 100.  We nearly did 100 days of school.   There has been lots and lots of counting!


At our 100 Day Party, 100 balloons fell on the Kiwi’s —- such fun!


What a busy term!    We have been learning about playing hockey.

Milly:  I am looking after the goal because I don’t want the other team to get a goal.

August:  I am trying to get the ball.

Ella: I am running to the ball.

Raana:  I am playing with the ball.

Thomas:  I am trying to get the ball.

Scarlett: I am looking at the ball.

Anastasia: I am trying to get the ball.

Travis: I am trying to get the ball.



The Kiwi Class are just about to move into a study about New Zealand and Matariki.  We have begun looking at a New Zealand author – Joy Cowley and her illustrator Robyn Belton.    She has written a series of books about Greedy Cat – based on her own cat.  The children have done some lovely pictures showing ‘looking eyes’ – by placing the black pupil part of the eye in different places., within the eye.

Can you see what the cats are looking at?

Where are the fish looking?

They have also been experimenting with clay and have made some Greedy Cat models.


We continued our study about the Rocky Shore and what lives in the sea into Term 2 with a trip to Kelly Tarltons.

Term 1 

During Term 1, as part of a study on the Rocky Shore we had a wonderful trip to Sunset Beach Port Waikato.   Lots and lots of parents and caregivers came with us….this made it much safer for everyone, especially climbing on the rocks.  We hunted and hunted in nearly every rock pool.  The children were very good at finding crabs, mussels, some very hard to see shrimps, as well as quiet an assortment of other creatures and shellfish.


WELCOME  to 2019

The Kiwi class is full of active learners with lots and energy and ideas.

We have begun our year looking at the primary colours and how we can mix them, and how we can make them lighter or darker.  Check out the awesome 5 year old art pieces.

Later this term we will beginning a study of The Rocky Shore…… and visiting Sunset beach to investigate the rock pools.   Look out for the notice in your child’s school bag with more details.




Welcome to the Kiwi class page  2018

Term 3

Later this term, as a school, we will be trying to achiever our Silver Enviro School Level.  The Kiwi Class are trying to help the Board of Trustees who asked us if we could produce something to sell at Calf Club.  So far we have planted lots of rosemary cuttings in the hope that we will be able to grow some rosemary plants to sell.  We are trying to grow them in different parts of the school to see where they grow best.

We began this term with a trip to the Howick Historical Village.  This is part of a study of what life was like for children in early New Zealand.  School, houses, and toys certainly were different!


Term 2

This term we have been working towards 100 Days of School for the year.   We have done a lot of counting!  We have counted each day of school since the beginning of the year.  For many children this has led to recognising how many tens and ones are in a number.

We had our 100 Day Party on the last day of Term 2.

Check out the photos below.

This year the Junior School are altogether in one building.   It’s exciting to be  in a Junior Block and close to other Junior Classes.   We are very proud of our “Junior Block.”

We have recovered the walls in the corridor and made it look bright and interesting. Our intention is to cover the walls with photos and captions celebrating  School Values, Key Competencies and other positive actions and attitudes that our children display.   The display is a display over time so watch it grow throughout the year.

The Kiwi Class began the year with just 6 lovely children.   We will grow to around 10 by the end of the term.  We are very lucky to have a small class for the very junior children.


We have been investigating our School Garden and all the lovely food we have growing.  So far we have made apple pie and have had a taste of the first tamarillos that fell off the tree.

As part of our study looking into “Where Our Food come from” we have checked out the onion paddock behind the school, visited Pak n Save and made :”Slider burgers” for us and all the teachers.  We have also been trying to grind wheat into flour – it is hard work, however we did make some very delicious wholemeal buns.


As part of our Art this term we have been mixing colours.




2017  We are a Year 1 class and our teacher is Mrs Virginia Craig.

End of the year – oh my it has come quickly:)

One of the ways we finished this year was with a production put on by the Kiwi, Pukeko, and Tui classes.  Mrs Craig, Mrs Cargill and Mrs Cunningham were very very proud of our children.  After lots of practices the children put on a production of “There’s a Sunflower in My Supper'”  They sang beautifully, went up and down to and from the stage at the right times, they spoke clearly and were where they were supposed to be.  WELL  WELL WELL DONE  EVERYONE.



Term 4:

We began this term with Calf Club.  The Kiwi class worked throughout Term 3 to produce 3 amazing pieces of art :- Dinosaur silhouettes, Mexican Sombreros, and Bottle Top Art.   The day before Calf Club they made their 2 floral exhibits: – a Sand Bowl and an Unusual Container.

We will continue for a little while this term looking at “The Air Around Us”.  Last term it was about what we thought wind was and the things we put air in.  This term there will be more about the foods and drinks that have air added to them.


     Term 3:

As part of our next study where we are looking at the air around us.  We have been finding things that have air in them.   We also got to blow lots of bubbles, some of which were HUGE!




During Terms 2 and 3 we used dinosaurs as an inspiration for story writing and for looking at the people who lived where dinosaur bones have been found.  We got a BIG surprise one day, during Term 3,  while walking around the school…..We found dinosaur in the carpark!

During Term 3 we finally go to make our bottle top art for Calf Club at the beginning of Term 4.

We practiced making umbrellas, fish, tractors, flowers, turtles, patterns and lots of other things.   The children then did a practice of what they wanted to make for Calf Club.  We were very lucky that members of our school Special Projects Team were on hand to keep us to our plan.  They were allowed to encourage us and keep us to our intended picture and pattern.  Do check out our wonderful artworks on Calf Club day.  Below are some of our practice pieces.


Term 2:

What a busy first half of the year!

We finished Term 2 by celebrating the number 100.  We have been counting the days of school all year. It is a very good way to practise counting and to learn about 10s and 1s.  On Day 100 we had a party to celebrate, thanks to those at home who helped make this special.  We also had 100 balloons that fell on our heads —  oh the screams and laughter!



At the moment Kiwi class are situated in the school library.   How wonderful to be surrounded by so many books!

Term 1 has been busy.  The children have taken on the task of  being the Edible Garden Enviro Team.  We are called the ‘Eats and Treats Team’.    We began the year by giving away to schools across the Waikato and Auckland some of our Everlasting Daisy seeds from the beautiful flowers that we grew last year.

Since then we have harvested potatoes and cooked them in different ways, this was fun.

We have also increased the size of our school strawberry garden.  The children had to divide the strawberry plants and re-plant them into the enlarged garden.

A trip the the Auckland Botanical Gardens  helped reinforce our class programme wonderfully.

At the moment children are working out what they would like to grow at school, as well as tasting some produce that already exists in our school grounds.  This week they made rhubbarb and tamarillo crumble – very nice!

Because we are The Eats and Treat Enviro Team during the last week of Term 1 we made tamarillo and feijoa smoothies for the Pukeko Class.  Next term we will make a treat for another classroom.

Bottle tops

As a school we are collecting plastic bottle tops so the children can make an artwork to adorn a wall of the school.  We are hoping for lots and lots of bottle tops.  The Kiwi Class sort these out and make sure that they are clean and not smelly!!

Please keep on sending lots and lots of these to school.  Thank you very much for helping the entire school with this project.

Mosaic Pathway

This term the Kiwi Class made their mosaic tile that will be put into the pathway during the Easter Holidays.  What a big job – but it looks wonderful  –  well done Kiwis.

Bagging seeds so we could send them to other schools.

Harvesting potatoes from the school garden.

Scrubbing potatoes before we cooked them.

Pulling the strawberry plants apart so that we had lots of strawberry plants!

Making sure bottle tops are clean and not smelly!

We have finally finished our mosaic that will be put into the school path .