Camp 2018

Welcome to Shakespear Lodge Camp.

This is a photo of the Lodge we will be staying in

The dining room

Bunk room

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The students had an absolutely fantastic time.

We went mountain boarding, which is like long skateboards with brakes, they were taught how to travel down the hill and turn corners. Lots of falls and even more laughs.

There were archery lessons in the barn, we have some amazingly talented archers out there.

Initiative exercises were fascinating, the students had to work together to complete tasks.

Sailing was exciting, lots of wet children and only one episode of seasickness.

Rock climbing was surprising, I expected a lot more students to be afraid of heights, but everyone attempted and got higher with each try.

The UHF radio training involved students hiding from each other and asking questions over the radio to try and find each other. This involved a lot of running and laughing.

Coasteering, climbing around the coast line with waves crashing nearby and jumping into the sea.

Raft building created a lot of fun and learning how to tie knots, some better than others.

Our day trip to TiriTiri Matangi was supported excellently by the volunteer helpers pointing out the birds, explaining how the island had been replanted and what happens when there are too many birds for the environment. They are now being used to repopulate other areas.

We saw: tui, bell birds, ni robin, ruru, kereru, piwakawaka, whitehead and stitchbird.

We also explored the rock pools and found many interesting creatures, unfortunately no one won the prize for finding the water spider.


Bell bird




The walk to see the glow worms was brilliant, thank you to the parents for telling us they were there.

Here are some miscellaneous photo’s from the week.

At the top of Look Out Track

 Lunch making